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Making Christianity Cool

We’ve hit the ground running here in England: establishing Global Adventure, a furniture restoration and decorating hobby/business, and most recently, meeting together with some neighbors (neighbours?) with the intent to “Get Real”. Get Real is the name of our little group of Christ-followers, family, friends, seekers, and curious onlookers. We basically call it that because […]

In the Heat of Battle… With a Family

I’m often asked what it’s like to take your family into the unknown, into risky and uncertain and possibly unsafe situations. Well, I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it’s hard. It would be one thing going on my own, into dangerous situations, or places where I don’t know the language or where the nearest hospital is. But to take my wife, and small children? Sometimes, it really does seem like I am leading a patrol, bullets flying, with my family alongside me. The fact of the matter is that there will be casualties.

Fight Club

Fight Club

Right. Left. Right. Left. Hook! We were in the church basement, practicing our punches with a North London boxing trainer. We were surrounded by painted nativity scenes, old sound systems, and random Sunday School craft supplies. And we were surrounded by a vision. It’s the vision of a city pastor who is committed to reaching […]

One Man

One Man.

This is a post I originally wrote for Third Option Men. I thought it would be a good one for my readers here. Enjoy! While Jericho’s rubble was still a smoldering heap, a decree was given that none of the normal spoils of war should be touched… not a coin, not a cloak, not a […]

Men Wanted Ad

To the “Green and Pleasant Land”

I blame Monty Python. I was introduced to this craziness in high school, with the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and first learned the basic vocabulary and humour of our allies across the Atlantic. My love for history and legend would draw me further in, to learn everything from King Arthur and his […]

Courage to Continue quote Churchill

The Courage to Continue

This post is part of a series on my family’s next adventure. If you want to see where it all began, start with my last post, Why I Love Spain… and Why I Have to Leave. And now, the “What.” I’ve written before about Global Adventure, a charity we’ve created to provide an initiation experience […]

Virile Agitur - The Manly Thing Is Being Done

Virile Agitur

Every three months, I lead a hike to the top of a nearby mountain with the men in my community. This month, I thought the routine was getting a little stale, so we picked a new route: Off trail, straight up a rock slide.

Sorry, but there is a church in the Wild.

CHURCH IN THE WILD. New Church, Part 2.

Sorry Jay-Z, your song has a dope beat, but I know there’s a church in the Wild. Admission: I’ve become an Easter and Christmas church-goer. ¡Gasp! I know. As someone basically raised in the church, attending every meeting and helping my parents before and after every service, this is a huge confession. But “the church […]

Creating Antiochs

ANTIOCH. New Church, part 1.

I’ve attended some brilliant churches in the past, filled with life, love, servanthood, and true family. I’ve served in many roles in the church, and I may do so again… But “traditional church” became a routine for me that once I noticed it, I couldn’t break through the order of service into a true connection […]