Face Punch

Ticked Off

I find myself really ticked off these days. Naffed off. Frustrated. Wanting to hit someone. Simply …ticked off. There are things that I see in the world around me that just press my buttons. Maybe this is a follow up to my last post, A Message of Hope… maybe it’s a rebuttal. But the recent […]


My Body Armor

I was suiting up for another day at the office. Unfortunately, this office was going to be flying about 50 feet above the Iraqi desert and dropping me off into some inhospitable terrain. So I paid a lot of attention to what I was putting on. My main piece of kit, besides my weapons, was […]

Fishing Net

The 8 Most Inspiring Words in the Bible

And one day he walked down a beach, and shouted to two strangers: two brothers fishing by the Sea of Galilee. His cryptic words were these:
Follow me, and I will make you Fishers of Men

Woman Singing in Church

God’s Timing

I had it all planned out. I was on a mission to find my “perfect Christian” wife. So I went to every evangelical church in Atlanta, Georgia and San Angelo, Texas ( Pretty random, I know, but I was in Air Force training at the time ) looking for Mrs. Right. I would scope out […]

Global Adventure Round-The-World Mission

We Need An Adventure

Years of working with children, then youth, and now young (and not-so-young) adults has led me to a conclusion. We All Need An Adventure. An adventure of risk, an adventure of faith, an adventure of learning, an adventure of experience, and an adventure that will shape us for a lifetime. So many of us have […]

Wrestling With God

My Wrestling Match With God

This year has been a great one. Amazing. Breakthrough. But at the same time, it’s been a wrestling match the entire time. I guess I should begin to expect that. There’s a story in the Bible of Jacob, who wrestled with God. They spent all night wrestling, and the God/Man/Angel couldn’t get the upper hand […]


Getting My Discipline Back

For almost fifteen years of my life, I was used to getting up before sunrise, showering, shaving every day, putting on my uniform that I had starched and ironed the night before, eating breakfast, and driving to work all before the sun cracked the horizon. Every day. Without fail. Burning through razor blades and cans […]

Find Inspiration In the Little Things

Get Inspired.

I’m learning to let the little things inspire me. Dinner with friends, divine connections, fresh air, good coffee. I had dinner with Joe Bunting of The Write Practice last night. He’s a talented guy and I got the chance to spend some time with him, relax, and pick his brain. Even though it was a […]

Break Something to Build Something

3 Recipes for Making Omelets

I was walking the kids to school this week and we passed by some workers who were demolishing a wall to install a new handicapped ramp for a pubic building. My son Ben asked why the men were breaking the wall. I answered, without even thinking, Sometimes to build something new, you have to break […]