Fun Friday, 20 May

I missed out on my Wednesday post this week… I was busy building and working on my blog in other ways (namely by getting off the computer and working on my “Anti-Invisibility Challenge” from Monday.) Anyway, there was a lot to choose from this week… there’s just so much idiocy and hilarity out there… let’s start today off with the

Cool Site of the Week

Just quickly go here and then come back when you begin to feel dizzy.

Photo Credit: Erik Johansson

Blog of the Week

Another winner from Seth Godin… The Future of the Library. I don’t know how he does it, but his insights are revolutionary. And this one too: What’s High School For?

…and then we’ll wrap it up with

Freaky Video of the Week

Enjoy your weekend!

  • u00a0Dave, I just found your site through a comment you left at another place. This is the first Friday post I read and I’ll be back Fridays!nnGreat way to finish the work week!

  • Thanks Philipp, glad you enjoyed it :^)nnWhile they may not be as funny, the rest of my blogs are pretty good too… u00a0see you next Friday!u00a0