Fun Friday, 29 April

Here it is, Fun Friday is back. If you’ve got any suggestions, fun, cool sites, or internet randomness, please leave a link in the comments section.
Amazing silhouette photoPhoto Credits: Garry

Cool Site Of The Week

Plywood People is ” an innovative community addressing social needs. We are always searching for social problems with the hope to match them with entrepreneurial creativity to organize, innovate, and manage ideas that produce change. We hope to foster conversations and collaboration between the privileged and those in need through educational environments, sustainable ventures, community places, social experiments, storytelling projects, cause marketing campaigns, and new consumption patterns.”

Video of The Week

Okay, a tie for VOTW this week. One for fun and one for purpose. Fun first: here’s a great video of a first (and last) roller coaster ride from Carlos Whittaker and his son Losiah.

Now, for a good cause: this video was created by a good friend to promote The World Race. It’s 100% brilliant: directing, editing, sound, poetry.

Blog Of The Week

Short and to the point. I’m going to do this in my next leadership meeting: From Perry Noble, Seven Questions to Discuss in Your Next Leadership Meeting. Until next time, have a great weekend!