Fun Friday, 5 August

It’s August already. I’m back from vacation, but half of Spain is off for the month of August. So it’s still slow here. But I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting… Fun Friday!

Photo Credit: Glenn Jones

Site of the Week:

PovertyCure asks a hard question: What if we admit that billions of dollars in humanitarian aid to the poor isn’t working? Maybe we need to change our mentality.

It is time to move:
From aid to enterprise
From poverty alleviation to wealth creation
From paternalism to partnerships
From handouts to investments
From seeing the poor as consumers or burdens to seeing them as creators
From viewing the poor as recipients of charity to acknowledging them as agents of change with dignity, capacity, and creativity.
From viewing people and economies as experiments to pursuing solidarity with the poor
From encouraging dependency to integrating the poor into networks of productivity and exchange
From subsidies and protectionism to open trade and competition
From seeing the global economy as a fixed pie to understanding that human enterprise can grow economies

Blog of the Week:

If you haven’t seen this elsewhere this week, there’s a book called Read This Before Our Next Meeting that was published by Seth Godin and The Domino Project. (free on Kindle for a limited time). Most meetings frustrate me… so I’ve already started on this book and it looks good. Check out the blog here.

Videos of the Week:

It’s going to be hard to beat the Sesame Street Beastie Boys mashup from last week, so I’ll just go for quantity, rather than quality.

First: One of the reasons I love having a son. I get to play with Army Men again.

The Fast Lane. Sign me up.

God Loves NASCAR. Boogity Boogity Boogity Amen. (Songified by the Gregory brothers)