Introducing… Fun Friday!

Okay, so my plan is to give my devoted, loyal, and quite handsome readers a blog each Friday with some fun links and sites gathered in my internet surfing. research. I usually have some pretty heavy topics, and although I try not to come across too intense, I realize that a lot of my topics are very …um… challenging. So for Fridays, I hope to bring a little light-heartedness and relax a little. The plan is to feature fun, unique, or creative websites, funny videos, interesting links, and a “blog of the week” from one of the blogs I follow.
Just Go.

Photo: Hernan Churba(Warning: Flash!)

Cool Site of the Week

Bellarive. Jaw-dropping, heart stirring music and brilliant videography. I stumbled onto this site and it grabbed me from the start.
Thanks Tim for the link.

Video of the Week

This is really cool, I stumbled onto it at ChurchCreate.

Tempest Freerunning Academy

Blog of the Week

I wish I were a better writer… Julien Smith put it well in his blog Why You Should Quit the Internet. I find myself behind the computer a lot, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to get away from it from time to time. This may not help my goal of increasing my blog readership, but I believe it nonetheless. (Thanks to Jeff Goins for the heads up on a great blog.)

  • Taryn Mast

    oh my gosh….this is all sweet! I love it….I just might get stuck spending hours on ChruchCreate… No but really, these are all really cool things…trying to figure out how to go to LA for some classes at the Freerunning academy….that is awesome. ok, I will stop saying awesome, but this is a great blog Dave. Thanks!!!! I like Fun Fridays!

  • Isn’t Julien great?