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Blog With Your Audience In Mind.
Blog with your Audience in Mind

This is the first in my series entitled, I really don’t know what I’m doing blogging, so most of this is just my opinion. One thing I do as I write my blogs is to imagine my audience reading my blog post. Sometimes, I have a specific person in mind as I write a blog… I know that if it [...]

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Our Invisible Life (part 2)

This post is an update on this blog where I challenged myself (and readers) to have some real relationships. My goal was to fight back against invisibility–to have actual contact with people outside of the internet, Twitter, and Facebook. Well, so far, so good: Photo Credit: Liu Bolin Challenge #1: Write an email to a Twitter follower/followee I actually wrote [...]

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Communication: Are We Forgetting The Basics?
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Whether it’s written, spoken, or a multi-media extravaganza, we all must improve the way we are communicating. Of course, we know how to communicate, we do it all day long… but are we effective communicators? Many times, I think we forget the basics of communication.

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