Fun Friday: 25 September

I realize that I didn’t post the next installment of my series on Brotherhood–it’s been a busy week–but I will get back to it next week, I promise. In the meantime, you could always just share the first two posts to your social media friends… The Bond of Blood: Brotherhood and Strength and Challenge.

Anyway, here’s the good stuff. Welcome to Fun Friday!

Infographic of the Week

Do you feel like needlessly nerding out and wasting 80 seconds of your life? The Distance To Mars

Blog of the Week

Not a specific post, but a site: Wolf And Iron. If you like Art of Manliness, you’ll like Wolf and Iron.

…and, in honor of my wife’s birthday this past week, a post about my post-college wife-searching mission:
   God’s Timing

Site of the Week

Concept cars from this week’s Frankfurt Motor Show




Video of the Week

Who knew SKYNET would start by introducing a series of Electronica music videos…

And this is the most powerful 6-minute video you’ll ever watch.

A Final Thought…
Life Awaits.