Finding the Mini-Battles

What is it about men that makes them seek out ways to do difficult things together?

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a Tough Mudder. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, the Tough Mudder is an obstacle course/race/mud run/half marathon/pain machine. It is seriously intense and takes a lot of training beforehand. But my favorite part is that it’s a team event, not a race. You are encouraged to form teams, and as you go through the Tough Mudder, you help each other (and other teams) complete each obstacle.

I believe it’s times like these that bring men together. They act as a mini-battle, where men must band together to overcome a common foe. And I believe that we need to seek out these opportunities, because sharing pain and accomplishing goals brings men together.

Finding the mini-battles

Strength Before Trust

There’s no argument that war or extreme circumstances bring men together. Common experiences, and shared pain & discomfort, brings men together in a way that no words can express. We get to see the raw, the dirty, the ugly, the naked. We can go deep with others because we know that if we can trust them with our lives, we can trust them with our inner secrets or struggles.

Seek Out Ways To “Go To Battle” Together

As men, we should look for ways to do difficult things together. That could be forming a sports team, going on a backpacking expedition, or building a backyard shed. Something where sweat is poured, blood could be shed, but especially there are opportunities to help or encourage each other: both which include physical touch. Instead of hugs, men touch to help each other up a path, strengthen a back, or provide a high-five when we score a goal. Men need that simple connection to each other.

Build Something Together

The Global Adventure London South TeamIn traditional cultures, men had to work together to build new family homes, build boats for fishing, or build a barn. So we need build something together, or complete a race together. The shared memories, the “ownership” of shared victories, are powerful in lives of men.

I seriously enjoyed doing the Tough Mudder with friends Dustin, Stephen, and Robin. I could get addicted to events like it–that focus on teamwork, that give you a reason to stay fit, to finish a goal, and to create memories. Want to join me?

Do you live in Europe and want to do a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, or other crazy mud or assault course race? Get in touch with me and let’s do it!