Popular Posts of 2012

7 Most Popular Posts of 2012

It’s the time of year we begin looking back at what we’ve accomplished over the past 12 months while looking forward in anticipation… For me, this year has been amazing and stretched me like never before. My family has grown together and the kids are growing and learning so quickly. (Bec and I aren’t growing […]

Day of War Review

Mighty Men: “Day of War” Book Review

From the back cover: “Day of War is the first book in the Lion of War series–the intense, gritty, and stylistic portrayal of the Mighty Men of Israel, a ragtag band of warriors …” And it delivers. Wow. This is the REAL David, and the REAL Mighty Men. This is the warrior, not the watered-down, […]

Beautiful Outlaw John Eldredge

Book Review – Beautiful Outlaw

John Eldredge has got my number. Wild At Heart spoke to me as a man … The Way of the Wild Heart spoke to me as a father, and now Beautiful Outlaw speaks to me as a follower of this man called Jesus Christ. His book reveals the personality and nature of Jesus… at once […]

Veneer Book Review

3 Ways to Break the Veneer: A Book Review

Veneer – manufactured product, with a covering that hides the real material inside. Inflates the perceived value of the product by hiding inferior substance underneath. Veneer: Living Deeply In A Surface Society is an enjoyable read that seeks to expose the surface-level lives that many in today’s culture seem to be living in, and then […]

A Review of Do The Work, by Stephen Pressfield

Book Review: Do The Work

Written from a writer’s point of view, but applicable to a wide range of professions and projects, Pressfield writes personably, as a friend and advisor. The book’s length is perfect, filled with real-world examples from his own life and others’ lives to portray his points, but he doesn’t drag on, he gets right to the point: The Resistance is real, it will try to stop you, but it can be beaten

Book Review: Poke the Box by Seth Godin

The latest offering from Seth Godin, Poke the Box, is his manifesto on starting. It resides somewhere between a high-tempo motivational speech and a swift kick in the butt. We should all read this quick book, and then pass it on.