It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, so thanks for waiting patiently. I’ve been pretty productive these past few weeks, and I promise to give you a peek with my next post. But a thought has been developing in my brain for a few days now, and it’s something that I should share with you before you read any further.

I’m a fraud.


My tagline for this blog is “Inspiration for Leading a Family, a Team, and a Tribe.” That sounds pretty fancy, and by the way I write, you could assume that I actually know what I am doing around here. According to the posts on this blog, I am a perfect father, a supportive husband, a leader-extraordinaire, and someone who’s got all of his stuff together.

I am not that person.

Most of my posts are written in my head, to myself, as if life and relationships were perfect. They’re not. Many of my posts are written as a way for me to process my own lessons learned.

I argue with my wife. I shout at my kids. We have times when we are upset angry at each other. It’s stressful to be responsible for the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional growth of young human beings that one day will pass on what they’ve learned–good and bad.

Ministry life is not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s messy and uncomfortable and sometimes we even have to make decisions that aren’t easy.

I am a normal, insecure, driven man who tries with all of his heart to lead his family and to teach others the best way to live life. I hope that you can learn along with me as you read my posts, and I definitely want you to comment and discuss along with me. I really believe that you have something to say to me and the other readers on this blog.

I just wanted to get that off of my chest. I’m not perfect. As I read through some of my old posts, I may come across that way, and I needed a disclaimer post to breathe a little lighter and take the stress off of writing.

There, that’s better.





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  • Danmcanney

    I like your honesty. It’s refreshing and inspiring. Keep struggling along with the rest of us because we serve a God who is able to do infinitely more than we can imagine as His power (which is perfect) works through us!

  • Josh M.

    This is why I value my relationship with you, Dave. You set a real example for the men at G42. Keep showing up and God will use the imperfections for His glory. Thanks for being real.

  • Thanks Dan.  It’s a “glorious struggle” for sure! 

  • Josh, it’s great to hear this.  I hope I can teach as much through my failings as through my strengths… thanks bud.

  • Ms. Patti

    Dave, I love your heart and your honesty! 
    Also, I LOVE leaders that share not only by their strengths but by their weaknesses!
    So proud of you and Bec!  Much Love!  

  • Dave, I hear ya buddy! Sometimes what I write is me trying to process what I know and apply it better to my life. Like you, it may come out as being self-righteous or me knowing it already. Thanks for sharing that I’m not the only one.

  • Thanks Patti…  transparency is key…

  • That’s exactly it, Joe.  I’m learning and speaking to myself as I write each post, slogging through it daily… it’s a refining process for us all

  • BenHolbrook1


    I’ve defiinitely had to lean heavily on the fact that ‘his power is made perfect in our weakness’. I think its great that in forums like these we can learn from each other…and dont have to pretend we have got it all together.


  • Yes!  Alright… no more pretending :^)