I’m not a Writer, But I Play One on the Internet

Last week I had the pleasure of finally meeting Joe Bunting, writer and blogger extraordinaire at The Write Practice.

We are working together on a project and he was visiting Mijas, Spain, where I live and work. I was explaining to him how blogging for me isn’t as easy as it is for him and people like Jeff Goins. I love to speak, I love to teach, I love to counsel… but writing, as in posting blogs, is excruciating.

Don’t get me wrong, I have great blog ideas and sometimes I can even write well. But consistent, quality writing is tough.

In fact, I’ve got some great ideas inside me right now that need getting down on paper. But that usually takes a night to get my initial thoughts down, a day to let it simmer, than another night of writing, then editing, then a day to procrastinate and find a nice photo… and by this time I’ve lost the fire and three subscribers.

So forgive me. The blog posts will still keep coming, and I there is much I still need to say… but it takes time.

Any advice for someone who is only pretending to be a writer?

How about this…
It does not matter how slowly you go... so long as you do not stop

  • You’re a good writer, Dave. Don’t give yourself too hard of a time. This was hilarious, “and by this time I’ve lost the fire and three subscribers.” Advice is the same as your awesome picture: write more. That’s all you can really do.

  • Thanks Joe.  I thought that photo & quote summed it up quite nicely:  “Doctor, heal thyself.”  It was great to finally meet.  See you in July!  

  •  Yeah, man :)

  • Great stuff Dave! I struggle with the consistency of writing. Other things come up and it’s too easy for writing articles to slip to the back. So thanks for the encouragement to keep going no matter how slow!

  • Thank you too for the encouragement… maybe I’ll write this week!