A Network of Friends

Back in February of 2011, I kicked off my revamped blog with a post entitled, “It Takes A Network.” In it, I stated that there is power in a network of mutually supporting, like-minded people and organizations. I my work, I’ve always said that the greatest thing I bring to the table is the desire to create healthy, supportive network links and nodes. As our interns go through our training program, one of my jobs to ensure they stay connected and they have that support structure and other experienced partners to help them on their journey.

But networks of NGOs, businesses, churches, and individuals can still be lifeless if they aren’t built on relationships. And I was reminded of that this past week. As we are pioneering Global Adventure, an around-the-world missions trip based out of the UK, we are starting with friends and churches that we already have a relationship with. We could easily buy Google Ads, Facebook Ads, magazine ads, and space at the largest conferences and exhibitions around Europe. But we didn’t.

FriendsPhoto Credit: David Flam (CC)

We started with friends.

We want to be relational; we’re not about mass-marketing, we’re about heart and spirit. We’re about finding those who want to come, that we can focus on and develop deep friendships, and create lasting bonds. So we started with family and friends, and relied on strong recommendations, door-openers, and called-in favors to present our dream for an adventure of service, pioneering, and personal growth.

Focusing on friends makes you new friends

And as relationships developed, and more people came to hear of Global Adventure, new friendships opened up. I want to share with you one of those new friendships that I believe has the potential for a great partnership into the future. I don’t usually do this, but I believe in this organization and want to highlight their work.

In Their Own Words

Christian Vision for MenCVM is a movement made up of thousands of men who believe the message of Jesus is true, relevant and much needed in the UK today. CVM exists to serve the local church to engage with men in every village, town and city in this country. The movement is a faithful reaction to the significant number of men who have walked away from the Christian church during the last 30 years.

CVM supports and equips anyone who believes the Christian message can still radically change people’s lives today. The movement is accessible to men from every background, church and culture. CVM employs specialist Christian communicators operating in sport, the work place, Asian culture, sub-cultures, minority groups and beyond.

Now In My Words

I believe in CVM’s mission and message. I believe this message critical to what is needed in UK churches and churches around the world: men need to shape up and step out. I’m one of those men who need to shape up, and I know I need a group of men around me that can encourage and inspire me.

So look for more from CVM in the future. I am looking forward to a great partnership between Global Adventure and CVM, to inspire a generation of men AND women who are willing to give it all away for the sake of the gospel. So check them out and support them if you can.

So don’t forget friendships…

I am excited about the fellowship that is building. You’ve already heard about Third Option Men in the States, and now with CVM in the United Kingdom, I really feel some momentum and a strong network building.

Do you have a “network of friends” that you are building and relying on recently?