One Man.

This is a post I originally wrote for Third Option Men. I thought it would be a good one for my readers here. Enjoy!

While Jericho’s rubble was still a smoldering heap, a decree was given that none of the normal spoils of war should be touched… not a coin, not a cloak, not a cow should be taken by the invading Israelite army. Instead, it would be devoted to God.

But one man defied that order…
One Man

A man called Achan, either by greed, ambition, need, or simple temptation, took some of the plunder and buried it below his tent, hoping that once the dust of war had settled, he could take some out little by little and use it for his family.

Unfortunately, this one simple act of disobedience by one man cursed an entire nation. Their next battle, which should have been a one-sided affair, ended up in a rout by the opposition: Israel was defeated and humiliated. One man, one act, had consequences across millions of lives.

One man.

When I first read this I was struck by the unfairness of it all. How could one man’s actions be pinned on an entire nation: “Israel has sinned” (Josh 7.11) “They have stolen, they have lied.” Why would God single out one man and then make everyone else pay for his transgressions?

Now let’s rewind the DVD of time back to the start… to one man, to the only man to have ever walked the earth at the time: Adam. The man. Here we see how the actions (… or is it inaction?) of one man echoes through eternity.

One Man.

There’s power in one man. There’s power in the actions of one man. If you think that your deeds don’t have consequence–good or bad–then you’re mistaken. If you think that what you are establishing now–good or bad–won’t ripple through the ages to your children and children’s children, then you’re mistaken.

God’s Plan has always been One Man.

Fast forward now… from Adam’s sin in the garden, past Noah’s inexplicable act of faithfulness, past Achan’s disobedience outside of Jericho, past God’s promise to a shepherd boy-turned-king, until we come to the last Adam, the God-King born in a stable who came in the form of a man, to emphasize to us that God’s Plan has always been man.

Through the life and sacrifice of one man, Jesus Christ, we are saved. The act of one man, instead of condemning a nation to a curse, has brought to all nations abundant life, eternal life, and blessings beyond all blessing.

Through One Man.

Hit the fast forward button one last time… until we catch up to present day. To today. To now. At this split second of time, there is a man… whose actions can have an eternal impact on his family, his friends, his business, his community, his tribe. Whom God has selected to be in a place of influence, through whom He can bless nations.

God’s Plan has always been one man.