What a Studd

I recently read an excerpt from C.T. Studd’s “Christ’s Etceteras.” He may be dead, but he’s got his finger on the pulse of missional movements today.

C.T. Studd was born in 1860 into a wealthy family and attended Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge. But he gave up all of that privilege and wealth to live a life of faith on the mission field. In 1915, having pioneered the Heart of Africa Mission (which is now WEC International), he wrote a pamphlet entitled “Christ’s Etceteras” to inspire Christians to recognize the urgency of evangelizing the nations for Christ.
CT Studd - Missionary, Stud

Here are some excerpts from Christ’s Etceteras. Sign me up!

The command of Christ settles the question once for all for every Christian as to whether the whole world should be evangelized or not.

The prophecy of Christ that the Gospel should be preached in the whole world for a testimony unto all the nations similarly settles for ever the question as to the possibility of its accomplishment.

It is also evident that the whole world cannot be evangelized in this generation or even in this century by the present methods and existing forces.

There remains yet very much land to be possessed, and many peoples therein who have never even heard the Name of Jesus Christ. Consequently unless some NEW HEROIC EFFORT is made by God’s people entailing great sacrifices, great faith, and desperate courage, the evangelization of the whole world in this and several future generations is a patent impossibility.

Here therefore are 3 Undeniable Facts :

1. The evangelization of the whole world has not been accomplished.

2. It ought to be done.

3. It can be done.


The answer to this question is surely unmistakeable.


For this purpose we have banded ourselves together under the name of “CHRIST’S ETCETERAS,” and invite others of God’s people to join us in this glorious enterprise. Existing Missionary Societies and Missionaries we gladly recognise as GOD’S SOMEBODIES.

We are merely CHRIST’S Nobodies, otherwise CHRIST’S ETCETERAS. We rejoice in, and thank God for the good work being carried on in the already occupied lands by God’s Regular Forces. We seek to evangelize only such portions of the world as are at present unevangelized. We seek to attack and win to Christ only those parts of the devil’s empire which are beyond the extremest outposts of the regular army of God.

Its Object:
The speediest possible fulfilment of the command of Christ to evangelize the whole world by a definite attempt to evangelize the remaining unevangelized parts of the earth. Rom. 15:20, 21.

Making it our aim so to preach the Gospel not where Christ was already named, that we might not build on another man’s foundations, but as it is written: “They shall see to whom no tidings of Him came, and they who have not heard shall understand.” Its Prayer:

Its Convictions:
I. That the evangelization of the world is capable of accomplishment in the near future, if Christ’s people are willing to devote themselves to this glorious achievement.

II. That in no other way can the command of Christ be fulfilled by this or any other generation.

III. That failure to fulfil this command of Christ spells eternal disgrace to the Christianity and Manhood of this generation of Christians. “No man,” said Archbishop Temple,”has any right to be called a Christian at all unless he is working up to the hilt to promote, by all means at his disposal, the fulfilment of Christ’s Command to Evangelize the World.”

If we seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness we have the word of Christ that God will supply our needs. If we degenerate into seeking anything else, the sooner we cease to exist the better for ourselves, for the world, and for the cause of Christ.

An Etcetera Evangelist is one called of God to go forth to evangelise in some part of the unevangelized world at all costs and risks. He counts not his life as of any account dear unto himself. Difficulties, dangers, and death have no terror for him, but are rather his native element in which he flourishes and rejoices. He cares not to save his own life, but those of others, as His Master saved others but not Himself. He rather seeks to lose his life for Christ’s sake that Christ may find it for him.

He is A MAN of GOD and not a child of men.

He is not the salaried servant of the Etcetera Committee.

He is the Servant of Jesus Christ with Whom he has settled terms of agreement already. He knows no other Master. He looks to Christ only for payment of such agreed salary, and not to the Committee, although God may choose to supply his needs in whole or part through the Etcetera Committee.

He has not the ghost of a doubt about God supplying his need; he carries the Cheque-Book of God with him always, and has no fear of the cheques being dishonoured.

Now, once again, and for the last time. THIS WORK OUGHT TO BE DONE, AND IT CAN BE DONE, but only by God Himself working through men and women loving HIM supremely, utterly abandoned to HIM, trusting HIM wholly, enthusiastically and joyfully desiring to run all risks, to stop at no cost, to fight against all odds, to live and to die to crown HIM King. Too long have we been waiting for one another to begin! The time for waiting is past! The hour of God has struck! War is declared! It can only end with the destruction of Satan’s kingdom and the Coronation of Christ.

Who will enlist for Jesus Christ today, to fight to a finish, to crown HIM Lord of all the world?

Had they but the chance, every saint and angel would enlist at once! Where saints and angels desire, but are unable to tread, fools for Christ’s sake have liberty to rush in. Christ rejects not fools, nor weak, nor ciphers. Someone must begin. So here goes.

“I will! Set down my name, Sir.”

I love this guy.