What the World Needs

I’m teaching in Uganda next week, as part of our inaugural class of G42Africa. It will be the first time I teach in Africa, so I am trying to get advice from folks on everything from style, to topics, to cultural differences. Although I will be teaching on the main topics of Servanthood, Excellence, Building teams, & Leadership, my primary goal is the same as it is here at the G42 Leadership Academy: to show students that the skills and passions they have are what their city and their world is crying out for, to solve the tragedies of death, disease, abandonment, and hunger.

It’s interesting to see the light come on when someone finally gets it. What about you? Has your light come on? Funnily enough, it’s not easy convincing people:

You have what the world needs.

Boy jumping - What the World NeedsPhoto credit:Jesse Gardner

There are tremendous needs out there.

I’ve talked in previous posts about the various challenges and needs facing the world today. Take your pick, there are problems everywhere, from homelessness in your own town to the AIDS epidemic to foul drinking water to wage inequality. It’s enough to send you into depression… if you let it. Or it could challenge you, to make you think of better ways of doing things or inspire you to create something that will solve those challenges. I hope it challenges you, because the solutions to those problems are out there…

You have virtually infinite potential.

You were given certain gifts, talents, and passions that are unique to you and you alone. Your ideas, your hands, your voice… they are gifts that are looking for an outlet, looking for a platform.

The sooner you realize this better.

Don’t wait for someone else who you think is smarter, better looking, a better communicator… you’ve got it. Don’t wait for someone from out-of-town to come in and bring money or a fantastic idea… they’re not coming. Don’t think that the solution to something that wrecks your heart will come from anyone else but you.

Someone is waiting for you to step up.

So do it. Step up. Push your chair back from your desk, or get up off the couch, or take the next stop off the train. Get started.

That idea you have? Invest some time and money into it.

That message that’s on your heart that needs shouting from the rooftops? Blog about it or write a manifesto. (Or shout from a rooftop)

The challenge that is on your doorstep or town square? Volunteer, join a club, or just do something about it.

That’s what I think.

So, what are YOU going to do about it? Tell me below what is on your heart that you just need to get started.