Autumn Is In The Air… A Summer Recap

I just want to shoot you an update on my summer, this blog, and what is going on inside my head. Summer has been a great time for my family, all of the kids have grown tremendously (physically and mentally). We dedicated a lot of time to “family time” and it has paid off.

But now Autumn is here, my favorite season… and it will be full as Rebecca and I continue to develop our purpose and calling together. In the months ahead we’ll be finishing plans to: expand G42 to Africa; expand our curriculum and training at the G42 Leadership Academy with four tracks: Missional, Business, Non-Profit, and Media; and look into our goals for 2012. Plus I will be traveling back to the States for teaching, speaking, and meetings–my first time back in the States since 2009 so I am a little excited.

As I wrote here, I am committing to posting better content here and focusing on my real job of mentoring and discipling. So that means my posts will be more infrequent as only the good stuff reaches my blog readers.

Dave Hearn - Leadership Training


Top Posts For August

So, better content? I think so. My top posts for August are some that I am really proud of–if you haven’t read them yet, check them out below.

  1. Boys Need An Initiation
  2. 6 Steps to Building a Team (Like Jesus Did)
  3. I hate my blog. I love my blog.
  4. Don’t Pray About This.
  5. Your Men’s Ministry Is Missing Something


I also mentioned that I wanted to write an ebook. Well, thanks to the folks at Third Option Men, I am close to releasing it! It will be on initiation, a updated reprise of the series that I posted earlier this year.

Guest Posting

Third Option Men has also kick-started my goal of guest posting. I will be a regular contributor there, and I’m working on guest posts for other blogs as well. Stay Tuned!


You’ll see a subscription link at the top of this post and a rss subscription button at the top of my sidebar. Subscribe and you’ll be the first to receive my new posts and the ebook when it comes out. Thanks!

So I’m happy to say we’re ending summer on a high note. How about you? Are you looking forward to Autumn, and why?

  • That’s cool Dave! 

    Autumn means big changes around here. I start a new role in my church. That announcement becomes official tonight and I will post about it tomorrow. The wifey is also pregnant so I am looking forward to kiddo no. 2! I love what you are doing with G42. You gonna talk more about it expanding to Africa?

  • Sounds like a fun autumn for you too.  Congrats on #2… 

    I will be talking more about G42 Africa, I am waiting for some details to firm up, so look for something in the next couple of weeks.

  • Hi Dave, I saw in your comment on Michael Hyatt’s recent post about using ‘free’ to drive marketing strategy that you’re planning to launch an ebook soon. I wanted to offer my editing services–I specialize in working with bloggers. You can see my testimonials here: Shoot me an email if I can be of help!

  • Thanks Brooke, for this first book I have a great editing team lined up… but I will check out your site and keep your info for the next one! ;^)

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