I hate my blog. I love my blog.

I’ve been writing this blog for five months now, and it’s time for some reflection. I personally committed to “giving it a go,” and really tried to learn from people like Jeff Goins, John Saddington, and Bryan Allain, to name drop a few. I’ve learned a lot in this past five months, about me, my “voice,” and my goals.

It’s actually consumed a lot of my time and thoughts during this period, as I used it to market … well, me. But I’m realizing that I don’t need marketing. The message (not even my message) needs dissemination. I’ve come to realize that.

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog.

I love my blog.  I hate my blog.

I’ve Decided I Hate My Blog

I hate it when it takes time away from my family. (Bec, I apologize!)

I hate it when I take it too seriously and fret/exalt over pageloads, visit length, comments, or retweets (or the lack thereof)

I hate it when I write something I really believe in and no one seems to care. (wah for me)

I hate it when I start thinking daily “that would make a great blog” (…and then I forget the idea later.)

I’ve Decided I Love My Blog.

I love that my blog has allowed me to get a glimpse into a great community of great men and women I would have never found. (Jeff, John, Bryan, Rachel, Darrell, Jamie, Jon, Michael, David, Tony, Jon, Nicole, Carlos, Ron, … I could go on)

I love that my blog allows me to organize my thoughts and my life “message” (I really do want to write a book)

I love that my audience (you are out there, you lurkers ;^) does enjoy keeping up with my random thoughts on leadership and funny family stories.

So I’ve Decided…

…to post better content, less often. (Once a week-ish)

…to not make my blog the center of my universe.

…to work to add well-written guest posts to others’ blogs.

…to write an e-book and a monthly opt-in newsletter.

…to dedicate more time to what I love: speaking, teaching, consulting, and mentoring/discipling.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your blog? Has social media taken over your life? I need your advice on this one.



  • I hear you. There are things I love and hate about blogging as well. I’ve also decided to temporarily cut back my post frequency. It’s just a busy season at work for another few weeks and something had to go. Posting something good once or twice a week is, I think, the best strategy for me right now.

  • Thanks Loren.  Yep–I just realized I had to make some drastic steps, and not worry so much about filling my blog and spending hours ‘optimizing’ and ‘marketing’.  

    Going for quality now… I am sure it will reap dividends.  Thanks for the comment!

  • I am seriously thinking about the same things Dave. I am sitting here worrying about tomorrow’s blog post and asking myself, if I didn’t post would anyone notice?

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but the point is is that I don’t think community is happening at my blog because I am not providing good content. I am not providing good content because I am too worried about 5 posts a week.

    Who knows!?

  • I have been blogging for about the same amount of time, and recently also joined twitter.  I must admit it does take up a lot of time, but I am finding it very rewarding, although I do get “are you blogging again?” from my husband every time he sees me with the laptop!

  • I just left a comment on your blog, and then returned to see your comment.  :^)  

    I think you’re right.  But I think I need to not worry as much too.  I definitely can’t do 5 posts a week, and every now and then we need to make sure our daily schedules and activities match our priorities.

    I need to remember that the blog should be a support to my real ministry, not the other way around.

  • It has been rewarding for me too, getting into the community has been helpful and opened my eyes to a lot (and is continuing to help my communication skills)

    (Sounds like my wife too!)

  • haha! So right though. The online voice is in support of and not the focus. I’ve shortchanged myself and my loyal readers by forcing bad content down their throats in order to meet a standard that I created in my head.

  • I could’ve written this same exact blog, Dave. You’ve come to some great decisions.

  • Thanks Tony… 

  • Lkfischer

    I don’t blog but enjoy reading many.  I appreciate when people spend time on quality and don’t just fill the page.  I have enjoyed your stuff Dave and look forward to seeing what you come up with after spending more time on it. 

    I don’t retweet or share things  as I don’t keep up with all the social media.  I do however email links to people that I think will enjoy reading certain posts. 

  • Dave,
    As several people have stated, I could have written this post as well. I DEFINITELY have a love/hate relationship with my blog. At times I feel it stealing from my wife. At other times, I’m addicted to the idea of putting my thoughts “out there.” Thanks for putting into words many bloggers thoughts. It is about balance. I will continue to enjoy your once-weekly posts! Thanks.

  • Great post, I’m right there with you.  I also love my blog when I get the “you’re a blogger?” like it’s a lower life form.  It’s great to blow people’s paradigms of “bloggers” by sending them to some of the blogs you mentioned above.  Great group of guys to be influenced by.  

  • Yes, I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. Heck, I have a love/hate relationship with social media.

    But I like what you’ve outlined as an action plan moving forward. For me, building that opt-in email list and having an ebook to drive opt-in subscribers has worked very well. As for everything else, I work on it here and there.

    I approach my blog with the idea of: seek to be helpful, first. So if I have something to say, and it’s helpful, I’ll publish it. Otherwise, the thought needs to be re-written  or rephrased somehow. It can wait.

  • Thanks for the great ideas, Ricardo.  I like how you approach it.

  • Dave,

    Great post. I can so relate to this! My biggest challenge is checking the stats. It’s like a junkie needing a fix multiple times an hour. It’s ridiculous. I’ve been trying to cut way back on checking my stats too regularly!

    It’s also great to see someone who wants to put their family first, and not let their vision become their main priority. Great job on that.

  • I know…I know… me too. I am doing better, but stats are still addicting.  

    I think I’m doing well though… still plugging and still working on creating the best content I can.

  • I don’t know yet. Still trying to establish a pattern, pick a host, what I want it to look like, etc. I will say, I find myself, even while laying bed, thinking of stuff to write about. It’s fun to do that. Sometimes not so fun actually getting it all pieced together for smooth posting.

    BTW, I love the title of your blog-Warrior Shepherd. Great illustration of who men should be in this world. It’s what I try to be in my world. 

  • Thanks Mike.  Sometimes I get excited about a topic, only to sit down and try to write… and nothing comes out right.  I’m not a great writer, but I am trying…

    Glad to see this has struck a chord.  Welcome!

    P.S.  Shameless plug alert: if you need some help setting up a blog, I am also a freelance web designer.  Check out http://www.warriorshepherd.com/design/blogpackage

  • Hey Dave! I just noticed (a year later) that you linked to my blog from here. Dude, what an amazing list to be a part of! Thanks for including me there. For the record, I like your blog :) I’ve gotten away from regularly updating due to marathon training and more than that a desire to really focus on living something I can write about well. I want to tell stories, but to do that you have to experience them, imagine them, or at least be observant. I’m trying to do all of those things. Hope you’re doing well.

  • Such a good blog! Crazy that I’m just now stumbling upon it, but I can relate! Thanks for sharing the ‘So I’ve Decided’ because it prompted me to make some decisions about my blog as well. God bless!
    -Helena (alum world racer, CGA intern at AIM, social media for @WRAlumni and @Kingdom_Dreams)

  • Helena-
    Thanks for the good words… I’m glad you like this post, check out the rest of the site and let me know what you think. And I’m glad I could spur you to improved blogging!