I hate my blog. I love my blog.

I’ve been writing this blog for five months now, and it’s time for some reflection. I personally committed to “giving it a go,” and really tried to learn from people like Jeff Goins, John Saddington, and Bryan Allain, to name drop a few. I’ve learned a lot in this past five months, about me, my “voice,” and my goals.

It’s actually consumed a lot of my time and thoughts during this period, as I used it to market … well, me. But I’m realizing that I don’t need marketing. The message (not even my message) needs dissemination. I’ve come to realize that.

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog.

I love my blog.  I hate my blog.

I’ve Decided I Hate My Blog

I hate it when it takes time away from my family. (Bec, I apologize!)

I hate it when I take it too seriously and fret/exalt over pageloads, visit length, comments, or retweets (or the lack thereof)

I hate it when I write something I really believe in and no one seems to care. (wah for me)

I hate it when I start thinking daily “that would make a great blog” (…and then I forget the idea later.)

I’ve Decided I Love My Blog.

I love that my blog has allowed me to get a glimpse into a great community of great men and women I would have never found. (Jeff, John, Bryan, Rachel, Darrell, Jamie, Jon, Michael, David, Tony, Jon, Nicole, Carlos, Ron, … I could go on)

I love that my blog allows me to organize my thoughts and my life “message” (I really do want to write a book)

I love that my audience (you are out there, you lurkers ;^) does enjoy keeping up with my random thoughts on leadership and funny family stories.

So I’ve Decided…

…to post better content, less often. (Once a week-ish)

…to not make my blog the center of my universe.

…to work to add well-written guest posts to others’ blogs.

…to write an e-book and a monthly opt-in newsletter.

…to dedicate more time to what I love: speaking, teaching, consulting, and mentoring/discipling.

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your blog? Has social media taken over your life? I need your advice on this one.