CHURCH IN THE WILD. New Church, Part 2.

Sorry Jay-Z, your song has a dope beat, but I know there’s a church in the Wild.

Admission: I’ve become an Easter and Christmas church-goer. ¬°Gasp! I know. As someone basically raised in the church, attending every meeting and helping my parents before and after every service, this is a huge confession. But “the church in the wild” has ruined me for what my wife calls “2 fast [songs], 2 slow, offering, bible study” church services. I need more meat! (Don’t worry, I “go” to church every day. Read “New Church, Part 1” and check it out.)

Sorry, but there is a church in the Wild.

The Church in the Wild

For me, non-traditional church is best. I can’t take it any more these days sitting through most church services. My heart screams through kumbayah worship services and milk-only Bible teaching. I need some shouting, some in-your-face challenge, fresh air, and great food (physical and spiritual).

I need Man-Church.

A few weekends ago, I took the men here up the mountain for what I called our “Boy Scouts Weekend.” The point was to do something physical together with the guys, and to learn some authentic man-skills like knot tying, shelter building, and fire starting. And we had a blast. I know, knots don’t take the place of honest and authentic discipling and teaching, but it’s how men connect.

The Caves

Since the time of King David (and before), men gathered together to test each other’s smarts and strength. Older men gathered around the fire telling stories and teaching about life. The younger men would compete and play games. Everyone would be working to pass on the skills necessary for living and growing. That meant some “menial” tasks like how to build a shelter, or hunt game. But it also meant passing on advice and instruction on how to treat a woman, how to raise a Godly family, and how to be responsible for your actions and words.

That is church for me.

What is church for you?

Just because that’s my style, that doesn’t mean it’s the only style–and it doesn’t mean it has to be yours. Maybe your style is pews and hymns, maybe it’s amps and smoke, maybe it’s couches around a coffee table. Discuss…

In the words of Kanye,




P.S. Here are some photos from our camping weekend…

The campfire...
Our home for seven guys...
The cooking team... gotta love tinfoil.
Yes! Blowdarts.
We tried to tell him... but figured he would only learn by experience.
Just call me William Tell.. that's a blowdart in his sandwich.


(Thanks Stephen for the photos and Daniel for the campsite location!)

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