To the “Green and Pleasant Land”

I blame Monty Python.

I was introduced to this craziness in high school, with the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and first learned the basic vocabulary and humour of our allies across the Atlantic. My love for history and legend would draw me further in, to learn everything from King Arthur and his Knights, to the D-Day landings launched from England’s shores.

Little did I know that years later, in downtown San Antonio Texas, I would meet an English beauty, fall madly in love, and that I would be further drawn in to my anglophilia.

As we travelled more often to my wife’s homeland, and I was drawn into my father-in=law’s stories… I was inspired with the amazing historical tradition and legacy of the people of Great Britain. And now as we launch Global Adventure, I am looking to re-capture a spirit of adventure, pioneering, and risk-taking that the people of Great Britain used to be known for.

Men Wanted Ad

Ernest Shackelton

Maybe the most inspiring to me from this list… Shackelton put the now-famous advertisement in a London paper, looking for a few good men to accompany him on his South Pole expedition:

Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success

The next morning, it is said that 5000 men (and 3 women!) answered his ad. I’m in search of men like that!

David Livingstone

Faith+Adventure. If anyone embodies these two qualities, it would be the legendary Dr. Livingston. Africa’s greatest missionary was possibly its greatest explorer as well. He traveled lightly, was influential with tribal leaders, and strove to link “Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization” (his motto!)

T.E. Lawrence

The famous “Lawrence of Arabia” was a consummate historian, archeologist, and learner. In World War I, his knowledge and work with the Arab tribes of the Ottoman Empire was used by Britain to instigate internal revolution within the Empire to draw Turkish troops and resources from the primary war effort. It was his devotion to learning about the language and cultures of the Arab people, his patriotism to his nation, and his willingness to live in austere conditions and take risks that made him the legend he is today.

These are the types of people I am looking for–we’ll use their stories, and stories of others like them, to kindle a desire to a live a life of adventure and faith.

David & Rebecca Hearn

So, yes, it should be obvious by now that my family is moving from Spain to England. We’re drawn to the “Midlands,” where most of our friends and family are, which also allows me to be in a central location to facilitate and run Global Adventure, and which allows my wife and I to have an impact on our community. (We don’t have to learn a new language! Well… sort of) I hope that we can both inspire those around us to greater things, to greater purpose, and to write the next chapter in the storied history of these “pleasant pastures” and “mountains green.”1


1 The title of this post and these phrases taken from a poem by William Blake.