A Busy Fall

As many of you know, my plate has been full with my duties at our non-profit, G42. It’s an exciting time of growth, but with growth comes responsibility and hard work. So I am looking forward to these next three months with excitement (and then I may just take the entire month of January off).

We will also be moving into a new place in December… it’s just down the street but it actually has grass! Living on the side of a mountain in a Spanish village has it’s upsides, but one of the downsides is that a flat stretch of grass is at a premium! We finally found an apartment with a small yard for the kids, so we will be moving once again. Anyone want to buy a couch?

Mijas Spain at Dusk - the view from our terrace

Top Posts for September

September has been my slowest posting month since I’ve revamped my blog… I only averaged one post a week. But my traffic is up… because I’ve worked harder on refreshing my archives, twittering, and maybe even writing better content.

So here they are…

  1. An Idiot or a Hero?
  2. Boys Need An Initiation
  3. A Battle To Fight (a follow up to An Idiot or a Hero?)
  4. Remembering the Fallen ( A tribute to my fallen comrades, written while I was in Iraq, but republished for the 10th anniversary of 9/11)
  5. I Hate My Blog. I Love My Blog.

Initiate: A Warrior’s Guide to Manhood

You should see this ebook coming soon! INITIATE is now here! If you subscribe to my blog feed, you’ll be the first to receive it. (hint)

Warrior Shepherd … Design?

Yep, that’s right… I do graphic and web design work on the side and I will be re-launching my design site soon. It was a good problem to have: I had other design work that kept me from renovating my business site… but now, it’s well overdue so look to see the new site soon. If you are in need of design help, let me know!

  • Ms. Patti

    I can’t wait to see pictures of your new home with grass!
    How many moves does this make for you and Bec?
    Love you guys!  Praying for all of you!  

  • Well, give some time to make the grass green :^)  Two moves in Spain, nine since we’ve been married… we’ve got some time until we reach you all!