One Man

One Man.

This is a post I originally wrote for Third Option Men. I thought it would be a good one for my readers here. Enjoy! While Jericho’s rubble was still a smoldering heap, a decree was given that none of the normal spoils of war should be touched… not a coin, not a cloak, not a […]

Losing Home Field Advantage

For the past five years, Bec and I have had the advantage of being on our own turf. We’ve been able to establish a culture, a set of norms, and young people have come to us to learn and be trained. But now we find ourselves in a different environment, where we don’t get to […]

Leadership is about people.

It’s The People, Stupid.

As leaders and leaders-in-training, our focus has long been the bottomline: “How can I meet our team/business/organizational goals?” Success has equated to how much money we bring in, how many people we’ve been able to talk to, minister to, or compel to do something. We categorize leaders as effective when their product comes in on […]

Virile Agitur - The Manly Thing Is Being Done

Virile Agitur

Every three months, I lead a hike to the top of a nearby mountain with the men in my community. This month, I thought the routine was getting a little stale, so we picked a new route: Off trail, straight up a rock slide.


Followership. No matter where we are on the spectrum of leadership, whether Private First Class, CEO, President or street sweeper, there is always someone we are following. Followership takes servanthood one step further, to apply the tenets of a servant’s heart to a teamwork structure. Can you work together in a team? Can you follow […]

What's in YOUR Go Bag?

What is in Your Go Bag?

The CG shows up at my door, there’s an urgent need right now somewhere in the world, I am the only one that could do it, et cetera… So yeah, it’s corny, but blame my sub-conscious, not me.

Priorities, Pareto, and the 80/20 Principle

Even though our world today has more “timesaving devices” than ever before, our schedules are still jam-packed, and we still find that we don’t have time for what we “need” to do. Without setting priorities, getting organized and delegating wherever possible, a leader will have limited effectiveness.

The Power of Action

As leaders, we must allow initiative, let people stretch, encourage them to try new ways, and then reward the successes and learn from, not punish, the failures.