Top Ten Posts of 2011

It’s been fun to re-launch my WarriorShepherd blog this year. It’s had its ups and downs, but I think I’ve settled into a routine. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading. Here are some of the highlights.
Overlook Grand Canyon


The Top Ten Posts for 2011

USMC Drill Instructor1. Boys Need an Initiation The beginning of my series on Initiation, a good start if you’d like to hear my passion for discipling men.
2. Seven Rules for Dating My Daughters Funny enough, this one is about raising daughters. It’s a stressful job, even when they are eight and nine years old.
3. You Are Not That Important Part 2 of my series on initiation.
4. I Hate My Blog. I Love My Blog. This summer, I began to get a feel for the balance between blogging and everything else in my life.
5. 5 Tips for Singles Looking for “The One” I talk to a lot of young adults and try to give them advice on finding Mr & Mrs Right.
6. 6 Steps to Building a Team (Like Jesus Did) Jesus didn’t read Maxwell, Godin, or Covey.
7. Book Review: Poke the Box by Seth Godin But I do. And I really enjoyed this book by Seth Godin.
8. An Idiot or a Hero.I tried to figure out why a UCLA student would book a one-way ticket to join the Libyan rebels…
9. How the Kindle Ruined My Life I received a Kindle last Christmas, and I still love to use it. This post is a mini-review.
10. 7 Ways to Make Your Vacation Work I took a break this summer… and blogged about it.

Five Posts I Wish You Would’ve Read

Here are five great posts that didn’t get the hits, but I think they’re great.
1. Followership
2. A Battle To Fight
3. Don’t Pray About This.
4. Brotherhood: The Bond of Blood
5. Five Ways of Equipping the Church

Initiation ebook

My Foray into eBooks! INITIATE

If you are a frequent reader here, you know that I’ve been talking about the topic of Initiation and this ebook ad nauseaum for a while now. I am really proud of it and the reactions I’ve received. It’s still available for free, at this link if you’d like a copy.

Thank You

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Have a Great 2012!