Find Inspiration In the Little Things

Get Inspired.

I’m learning to let the little things inspire me. Dinner with friends, divine connections, fresh air, good coffee. I had dinner with Joe Bunting of The Write Practice last night. He’s a talented guy and I got the chance to spend some time with him, relax, and pick his brain. Even though it was a […]

Fun Friday (Video Edition)

Just to prove to you all that I can be just as funny as I can be intense. Fuuuuuuuun Firday! Video of the Week I knew this was coming… swarms of nano-helicopters. Keep your terrorists and third-world dictators indoors… Video of the week runner-up: Video of the week 2nd runner-up: Video of the week 3rd […]

Couch Surfing

Fun Friday is Back!

Back by popular demand… Fun Friday is here with your weekly dose of distraction.

It does not matter how slowly you go... so long as you do not stop

I’m not a Writer, But I Play One on the Internet

Last week I had the pleasure of finally meeting Joe Bunting, writer and blogger extraordinaire at The Write Practice. We are working together on a project and he was visiting Mijas, Spain, where I live and work. I was explaining to him how blogging for me isn’t as easy as it is for him and […]

Serve someone. Learn from someone.

4 Reasons [Not] to Start a New Nonprofit

I get this question all of the time. Should I start something new or join something that is already started? This is [not] my answer: You must start a new non-profit. And here’s four reasons why: Photo Credit: GS+ 1. Even though there is another non-profit that is practically identical to your idea, you don’t […]

Roman centurion helmet in front of three crosses

Top Ten Posts of 2011

It’s been fun to re-launch my WarriorShepherd blog this year. It’s had its ups and downs, but I think I’ve settled into a routine. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading. Here are some of the highlights.

America - the caricature


I am back in the States this week, after two years in Spain. Unfortunately, due to the kids’ school and the ridiculous costs of airfare, it’s just me. But I’ve got some great opportunities to share about G42, initiation, and leadership, and what my family has been doing in the community of Mijas Pueblo, Spain. […]

Mijas Spain at Dusk - the view from our terrace

A Busy Fall

As many of you know, my plate has been full with my duties at our non-profit, G42. It’s an exciting time of growth, but with growth comes responsibility and hard work. So I am looking forward to these next three months with excitement (and then I may just take the entire month of January off). […]

Fun Friday, 23 September

Finally, here it is… I know you were all anxiously awaiting the return of Fun Friday. Sites of the Week: Here are some excellent organizations to check out: The Girl Effect. (And a great site!) Adolescent girls are capable of raising the standard of living in the developing world. Girls are the most likely agents […]