Break Something to Build Something

3 Recipes for Making Omelets

I was walking the kids to school this week and we passed by some workers who were demolishing a wall to install a new handicapped ramp for a pubic building. My son Ben asked why the men were breaking the wall. I answered, without even thinking, Sometimes to build something new, you have to break […]

Chris Telfer MATTOO

Music, Man, and a Message

Soulful. Heartfelt. Selfless. I am a huge fan of Chris Telfer, who has been a friend since we met in Peru years ago. He’s a musician whose music has so much impact and heart in it, you can can’t just sit and listen without being affected.

Hearn Family Spain

What a Year! Hearn Family Update 2011

Two thousand and eleven was a great year for the Hearn Family. We are certainly hitting our stride and beginning to flourish in our roles as quasi-missionaries/NGO directors. Here are the highlights: The Family The kids are growing smarter and more beautiful everyday. Ben started preschool (in all-Spanish public school) this September, and is comfortable […]

Roman centurion helmet in front of three crosses

Top Ten Posts of 2011

It’s been fun to re-launch my WarriorShepherd blog this year. It’s had its ups and downs, but I think I’ve settled into a routine. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading. Here are some of the highlights.

Mijas Spain at Dusk - the view from our terrace

A Busy Fall

As many of you know, my plate has been full with my duties at our non-profit, G42. It’s an exciting time of growth, but with growth comes responsibility and hard work. So I am looking forward to these next three months with excitement (and then I may just take the entire month of January off). […]

Dave Hearn - Leadership Training

Autumn Is In The Air… A Summer Recap

I just want to shoot you an update on my summer, this blog, and what is going on inside my head. Summer has been a great time for my family, all of the kids have grown tremendously (physically and mentally). We dedicated a lot of time to “family time” and it has paid off. But […]

CS Lewis soul quote

Pool-side Planning, Vacation Visioning

Well, my family is back from a much deserved vacation. It is taking me some time to catch up on emails and some time sensitive work. After that is out of the way, I promise to get another post going. Rebecca and I were able to take a step back from our busy lives and […]


7 Ways to Make Your Vacation Work

I am grabbing my wife, kids, and a car full of popsicles and junk food to embark on our 2nd annual “Spanish Summer Vacation” this Saturday. We live in the south of Spain, so where do we go for vacation? Thirty minutes down the road to a campsite with a pool and a beach within […]


5 Tips for Singles Looking for “The One”

My wife Rebecca and I often find ourselves giving marriage and relationship advice to our single friends, and we’ve noticed one common theme:
You’re Making It Too Hard.
If you find yourself in a place where you think you are ready to find that special someone, you’ve got to relax and Just Be. Here are some tips that I think will help you while you are on the road to finding “The One.”